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Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
was supposed to return to work this week, instead, secretary of state, hilary clinton is in the hospital. treated for a blood clot that resulted after a fall earlier this month. >> reporter: hilary clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital with a blood clot from a concussion she suffered several weeks ago. he doctors discovered the clot earlier in the day during a follow up exam. no details of where the clot is or other concerns have been releasede first time clinton has been diagnosed with a blood clot. in 98 she was admitted for a clot behind her right knee. the 65-year-old had a stomach virus this month and became dehydrated, fainted and struck her head. she canceled the trip abroad and was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to testify on the attack in libya. doctors want to monitor her medication over the next 48 hours. >>> good news for former president george hw bush, his health condition has improved, meaning he is out of intensive care. president bush was moved to a regular patient room during the weekend, he spent days in the icu after developing a fever and
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
officers in recent years. >> hilary clinton was supposed to go back to work but instead she's in the hospital suffering from a blood clot. reports on what caused the problem. >> secretary of state hilary clinton is in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. they will monitor her condition for the next 48 hours. in the statement, in the curious of a follow up exam the doctors discovered a blood clot from a fall she sustained several weeks ago while she was suffering from a stomach virus. >> clinton is winding down her time as secretary of state. she is scheduled to step down next month. edward lawrence for c. b. c. news new york. >> >>> a grueling schedule for secretary of state. >> in less than 24 hours everyone's taxes will go up unless congress can manage to stifle the deal. reporter shows us after negotiations on capitol hill, there is still no agreement. >>> members of congress left meetings in capitol hill sunday without a deal. the so-called fiscal cliff. >> there is still significant distance between the 2 sides but negotiations continue. >> if republicans and de
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am EST
of milk for doubling. if there were no actions we could have seen milk at $7 a gallon. >>> hilary clinton won't be returning to week, hospitalized with a blood clot. the clot was discovered by doctors during a follow up exam and she was taken to a hospital to be monitored. >>> violence in the glen burnie tavern that has a history of problems. police say a 31 year-old man was killed sunday nite. sherrie johnson has reaction from neighbors in the area, and from what we understand the people are not happy at all. >> that's right. neighbors are very concerned about the latest shooting. it not first shooting or the second, there have been three shooting at the tavern in three years. police are still look for the suspect in the latest shooting. it happened sunday before 5:30, police say 31-year-old jones was shot outside of the bar and died at a local hospital. the suspect drove off. an ak 47 was used in one of the shootings. neighboring businesses say they are sick of constant drug activity. >> some of our customers, scared to come in. i like to see the place close down. >> the owner went bef
Dec 31, 2012 5:30am EST
with a $3400 tax hike. >>> hilary clinton is waking up in the hospital, secretary of state was admitted to the presbyterian hospital. the clot stems from a concussion stuffed a number of weeks ago. her doctors discovered it during a follow up exam sunday. she has been out of work for weeks, recover from a stomach virus and a concussion. doctors are treating the clot with medication, and want to monitor the progress during the next 48 hours. >>> you voted for a handful of laws, tomorrow the laws go in to effect in maryland. the big one is same-sex marriage. at midnights january 1st, same sex couples with legally marry in the state. wednesdayings are planned during the first few minutes of 2013. stephanie rawlings blake is opening city hall at 12:30 in the morning where the historic ceremonies, same-sex marriage isn't the only change coming to maryland. there is a law allowing veterans to have status show up on their driver's license. another aimed at protecting children from id theft by allowing parents to freeze their child's credit any time they want. >>> coach chuck returned to the si
Dec 31, 2012 6:30am EST
was injured. the fire caused $100,000 worth of damage too the house. >>> hilary clinton will spend the new year in a hospital. her spokesperson says the doctors discovered a blood clot during a follow up exam. they are planning to keep the secretary of state hospitalized for monitoring her. clinton suffered a concussion after fainting while recovering from a stomach virus. >>> new report to be release suicide highly critical of the handling of the attack in libya. four americans including ambassador chris stevens were killed september 11. susan collins says the investigation found the state department failed to take adequate steps to reduce the vulnerable to the terrorist attack. the report parents a picture of a vulnerable outpost in libya's seconds largest city. >>> oak ridge boys serenaded george hw bush over the phone. he has been hospitalized for a month after conditions including bronchitis and fever, moved out of icu after he got the phone call serenaded by the country music group. >>> ceo of the long island power authority is officially stepping down from his job today. came afte
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
or very favorable view of hilary clinton and 6 in 10 voters said she would be a good or excellent presidential nominee in 2016. this is the 4th such poll in the past week with similar results. clinton said back in april that she's flattered about calls to run for president but at this point she isn't planning to do so. >> the luxury fashion retailer has chosen it's first bay area location and plans to open up a store in the valley fair mall next spring. it's part of prada and joining the high end jewelry store. they're reportedly trying to beef up luxury stores. lucky whale watchers are thrilled off a sight off the coast. a group of whales have been swimming for a week now. usually they're already south for the winter. some have seen as many as 8 whales in one day. they're the second largest whale. second only to the blue whale. >> it's been more than a month since super storm sandy hit the northeast coast and tonight some of music's biggest stars are getting together to help with the recovery effort. the 12-12-12 concert will feature performances from bon jovi, the rolling stones
Dec 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
/7 by logging on to our web site. >>> just within the past half- hour we learned hilary rodham clinton has been admitted to the hospital. a blood clot. she had take enthe past three weeks off of work to recuperate after a nasty bout with stomach flew. doctors allowed her to recover at home. she was planning return to work this week but the former first lady will be monitored at a new york hospital for the next 48 hours. >>> checking bay area headlines, the police are searching for the person who mugged a woman and killed had her dog. the woman was looking for her cell phone in her car in the tender loin on friday when a man attempted to rob her and then grabbed her 12-year-old dog and hurled it into traffic. the police are checking for surveillance video of the area and offering $1,through reward for information. >>> and fremont police chief, for the past 20 years, leaves his post today. steckler spent four decades in law enforcement. he was criticize inside 2005 for ending the police response for burglar alarms. he will stay on as a special assistant for the next it few months. >>> l2012 has b
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
inhalation. >>> a developing story tonight regarding secretary of state hilary rodham clinton, she has been hospitalized with a blood clot. clinton has been recovering from the flu and a concussion. she had been planning return to work this week but the former first lady will be monitored at a new york hospital for the next 48 hours. >>> tonight is looking bleak, despite looking through the week, the month is almost over and we are one day away from americans getting tax hikes from the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: senators arrived at the capitol to continue last- minute negotiations hours before the nation is set to fall off of the cliff. after a day of intense talks, senate majority leader, reid, said there will not be a deal tonight. >> this is still distance between the two sides. negotiations continue. >> reporter: if republicans and democrats can not strike a deal before midnight on monday, taxes will go up for almost every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in and millions will lose unemployment benefits. >> i want everyone to know i want to get it done but i need a dance par
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
. secretary of state hilary rodham clinton is in a new york hospital being treated for a blood clot. doctors say the clot is a result of a concussion that she suffered several weeks ago when she fainted and she hit her head while battling a stomach virus. it forced her to delay the testimony about the attack in libya. she steps down next month. the most traveled secretary of state in history. she has visited 112 countries while on the job. >>> the clock is ticking. in less than 24 hours everyone's taxes will go up unless congress hammers out the deal. lawmakers went home route an agreement of negotiations, randall? >> reporter: went home but they will be back tomorrow, we hope. one half of a trillion dollars. that is the tax increases on new year's day unless a deal can be reached. now, they have been coming closer but so far not enough to come up with an agreement. >> members of congress met meetings today on capitol hill without a deal. hours before the nation is set to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> there are are still significant differences between the two sides, tpheg orbiations contin
Dec 18, 2012 9:00pm PST
passed away. the other 6 nominee include president obama. bill and hilary clinton. egyptian president morsi and undocumented americans. we shall find out tomorrow. >> come up. major step toward equity for women in the military. the decade long ban on its way toward being lifted. >> plus. i'm if sacramento. in response to the connecticut shooting state lawmakers introduced more gun control la laws. state treasurer wants to pull investment money from gun manufacturing firm wlichlt do you think it will go at this point. >> i have no further comment. >>reporter: plus local lawmakers pre-sides over financial reforms after a sz is.l he brought on himself >> shooting in connecticut has brought cry for new gun law all across the nation. in california law make versus begun introducing new bills. here is annette on 3 proposals today. >> what i have in my right hand is a 22 magnum. >>reporter: state senator prison posing that california require all ammunition buyers to get an annual permit from the department of justice which will fingerprint and perform background check to those who app
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
for syria. it signals to end the country's 21 month civil war. u.s. secretary of state hilary clinton and the russian foreign minister will be part of the meeting. the gathering of the figures possible compromise in how to handle the conflict in syria. stay tuned. >>> also stay tuned this country is one step closer to falling off the fiscal cliff this morning. while the major players are still not sitting down to talk, there's some good news believe it or not this morning. here is suzanne mcginnis. >> social security workers marched outside they're office in baltimore wednesday. they're protesting the governments cuts to kick in at the end of the year. sdmrsz -- >> we don't want to see our public hurt. >> just down the road in washington dc the stand off continues. house speaker john boehner said he's still waiting for president obama to make his next counter offer to the republican plan he rejected. >> i'm going to need a response from the white house. we can't negotiate with ourselves. >> the president and boehner spoke on the phone wednesday. republicans want more. >> we want to si
Dec 2, 2012 6:00am PST
, the assumption that gang of six hilary clintons and said to our republican colleagues give us back what you want for a down payment. we're not going to solve all of this by the end of the year. then they said no, give us more details. through sakt geithner they've laid out more details. i think it's also -- >> in terms of new details, and it's taken so long. >> it's also incumbent on the president to realize that this is a conversation that he has to have not just with washington but the rest of the country. bringing in business leaders, small business leaders, going out across the country. one reason i think why this time it's going to be different from the failures of the past, the debt krilg debacle, the failure of the super committee, is i think the american people and particularly the american business community, realize what's at stake, and i think an awful lot of us, frankly, in both parties who are willing to get there -- i want to commend kelli as well. there's been a big group of us, well in excess of the majority in the senate who say we're willing to do our part. we want to give the
Dec 14, 2012 10:00am PST
an elementary school and a different experience than you hilary clinton but share with this whatever this brings to mind and this horrible day at virginia tech. >> i'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened in oregon earlier this week. you know, when i saw on twitter this morning that this had happened, i sunk in my chair, you know. you really can't do justice to what these kids and what these teachers have just experienced the violence, the intensity, the sadness. this is not something that should be normal in our country. this is not something that other countries experience like we do. today is the day for sympathy. today is the day to be with your loved ones to tell people who you're close to how much they mean to you, you know. we have to think about what we're going to do after today, what we're going to do between now and the next major shooting that happens. our decision makers think this is something they can't influence, this is something they think they can't do anything about. the majority of us don't want to see these things continue to happen and live in a country like t
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
power. secretary of state hilary clinton said today the unrest shows an urgent need for dialogue on both sides. >>> the u.s. state department confirmed today it is looking into reports that syrian president may be seeking asylum in another country. reportedly president is look to latin america for asylum for his family and members of his inner circle. the priority right now is ending the 21-month-long violence in syria but if the aye asylum reports are true it's another sign that regime is crumbling. >>> we are just getting word now that the cal bears football team has a new head coach. according to espn, cal is hierg sunny dikes from louisiana tech. the louisiana tech bulldogs went 9 and 3 this season and led the nation in scoring. dikes is 43 years old and is the son of long-time coach spike dikes. he also worked as an offensive cord nay tore at the university of arizona. dikes replaces jeff ted ford who was let go at the end of the bears dismal season where they only won three games. >> the set up is underway for what's expected to be a packed town hall meeting here in oakland the top
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
of state hilary clinton will be leaving her post soon... some new yorkers already have big a poll by the siena shows, more than half of see the secretary of state, run for president in 2016... and another poll shows.. a healthy 57- percent of americans would support a 2016. plans. she says, another run for the white house may not be in the cards for her.. she says she intends to retire to a private life, once her replacement for secretary world news... thousands of supporters of egyptian president mohammed morsy... clashed with anti-government protesters. morsy supporters drove anti- government protesters from the grounds of the presidential palace. but morsy opponents pushed back. both sides exchanged rocks and fireworks, before the anti- morsy protesters were pushed back again. it is still unclear if anyone was hurt in the latest exchange. many in egypt believe, unfair and an attempt by morsy to grab more power. jazz legend dave brubeck has coming up.. how the musician's legendary life- long work news at 6. a legend of jazz music has died. dave brubeck pass
Dec 20, 2012 5:30pm PST
, the state department and benghazi were back in the spotlight, as secretary of state hilary clinton's deputies appeared before senate and house committees. congressional correspondent kwame holman reports. >> the hearing will come to order. >> reporter: the senate foreign relations committee went first in a long day hearings on the tack in benghazi. committee chair john kerry: >> clearly, mistakes were made. the report makes that very clear. and one of the most candid and important observations was the failure by certain leaders to see the forest through the trees. there were clear warning signs that the security situation in libya had deteriorated. >> reporter: that report by an outside review board blamed systemic management failings at the state department that led to grossly inadequate security at the u.s. mission in benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans lost their lives in the attack on september 11. today, republican richard lugar said at a minimum, american diplomats never should fear for their lives. >> just as we give our men and women in unifor
Dec 21, 2012 5:30pm PST
began today as the president nominated massachusetts senator john kerry to replace hilary clinton as secretary of state. the former presidential candidate who lost to george w. bush in 2004 got the nod after u.n. ambassador susan rice withdrew her name. she'd faced republican criticisms over the benghazi terrorist attack. president obama made the announcement this afternoon at the white house. >> i am very proud to announce my choice for america's next secretary of state, john kerry. in a sense, john's entire life has prepared him f this role. having served with valor in vietnam, he understands that we have a responsibility to use american power wisely, especially our military power. and he knows, from personal experience, that when we send our troops into harm's way, we must give them the sound strategy, a clear mission, and the resources that they need to get the job done. in an extraordinarily distinguished senate career and as chairman of the foreign relations committee, john has played a central role in every major foreign policy debate for nearly 30 years. as we turn the pag
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am PST
. >> good morning. hilary clinton has been admitted to the hospital for a blood clot, it is believed to be related to a concussion she suffered earlier this month. she will be hospitalized for 48 hours for hospitalization. she had just been cleared to return to work. what's going on here? jill daugherty has been following developments for us. live in the washington bureau. we're hearing 48 hours and seem to be saying it's not that serious. what are you hearing from the doctors? >> well, at this point, it's not really that clear. in fact, there was a statement coming out of the state department from phillip ryans, indicating the lack of clarity about this. he said her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion. they will determine if any further action is required." now, those other issues associated with her concussion, that's not clear, and i think, sanjay, you as a doctor know when they say 48 hours, that, you know, could be 48 hours or more, but they will be watching to see whether those anti coing aplants have some effect.
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am PST
presidential library, and maybe the hilary clinton presidential library. >> stephanie: oh, i hope so. i was just talking to somebody about that yesterday. >> caller: when are you coming down here, we have a lot of liberals down here. >> stephanie: yes, i have never been to the clinton library. >> caller: well, come on down. what i wanted to point out, and it has already been said here before, basically -- the republicans are trying to throw grandma and grandpa under the bus because of the $3 trillion war debt. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: this is what this is somebody. americans claim to be patriotic, and so many of us wanted to go to war after 9/11 then why don't we have a surtax on the bottom of our income tax reform so we can all pay, but people like mitt romney should be paying more also. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> all of the politicians who supported the iraq war should be paying more. >> stephanie: there you go. and by the way -- >> i am not one of your fans! >> stephanie: sexy liberal hal sparks and spongebob square pants on the big show tomorrow. we'll s
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
the bombs are still on the ground but hilary clinton and president barack obama are warming assad that using chemical weapons will not go unanswered. >> this would cross a red line. and those responsible will be held to account. >> i want to make it very clear to assad and those in his command. the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be unacceptable. >> germany's cabinet has now approved setting up anti-missile batteries. nato emphasizes this isn't seen as an intervention shun. what turkey is concerned about are those short-range missiles possibly falling into the wrong hands. secretary of state hillary clinton is in a meeting today, and it is likely during the meeting it will come up that they will talk about trying to get a un peace process for syria back on track. meanwhile u.s. authorities are monitoring what is going on there. and there was news yesterday that they were starting to mix the chemical weapons and move them around, and now they are possibly getting ready to load them on missiles whether or not that are getting ready
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
staff to evacuate immediately meanwhile hilary clinton is expected to return to work next week. she continues to recooperate at home and will resume her work schedule next week. she contacted a stomach virus this month and became dehydrated and fainted fell and hit her head. she was diagnosed with a concussion and has not been seen in public since. >> thousands are headed to webster new york honoring firefighters killed. the shooter torched his home and opened fire at random and later committed suicide. they will be buried on sunday and monday and thanks to private donations many are staying at local hotels for free the out pouring of the community and michigan and florida have been calling in to donate hotels for the firefighters this weekend. >> they're holding special ones today through monday for family members of the victims. >> it's been two weeks since a gunman killed 27 people in connecticut before taking his own life. now scientists will analyze the dna of adam lanza. genetic specialists will be looking for a mutation or abnormality that could increase aggressive or violent
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 3:00am PST
. hilary clinton. >> brian: he should cast meryl strep as hillary clinton. >> gretchen: we'll have to exchange reviews. >> brian: dulike it >> gretchen: it was tuitorial . >> brian: exactly. >> gretchen: i still enjoyed. we are having the discussion right now. i did enjoy it i think the acting was stupendous. i wish it covered more ground. >> brian: it was like a play. >> gretchen: lincoln was soft spoken and so you had to pay attention or you would doze off. kids in five states will spend more time in school. 300 hours for class time starting next year. three year pilot program aimed at making kids more successful in class and schools more competitive. it is paid for state and district funds. but the quiis more school time the answer or something else to make them smarter. >> brian: you got to lessen the homework. >> steve: they will have to do more study. this was not part of his act. recup operating from burns after his head was lit on fire. oh, my. it was not supposed to go that way. host of the dominic an talk show. closer to start and burning coare logne. he had to be rushed
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
's choice to replace hilary clinton. who will replace kerry? ben affleck wasn't saying no when asked about a possible senate run on cbs. >> i do have a great fondness and admiration for the political process in this country. a big deal for me to come down and be on your show i've watched so much. but i'm not going to get into speculation about my political future. >> wow, that was a pretty political answer. he has already got that down. is he happy to be involved from politics outside the government and has a lot on his plate right now, including three children, so he says he might not leave, especially after starring and directing in a pretty popular movie like "argo." >> there is an oscar campaign jrnd way. i might have to go to the capital and work alongside you. >>> he's had it. tim tebow refused to play yesterday word has it. greg mcelroy sacked 11 times. league sources tell espn it's a virtual certainty that tebow's hometown team, the jacksonville jaguars will scoop him up next year. >>> ashton kutcher filed divorce papers, but demi moore is holding off on signing them. tmz says moor
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
on tie. he put a clip on his tie. >>> secretary of state hilary clinton in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. this discovered in a followup visit following a concussion. she will spend new year's in the hospital. >>> don't forget the dairy cliff. the price of milk could shoot up to $7 in the new year. lawmakers haven't acted on the agriculture bill, including a dairy subsidy for farmers which keeps the price at $3.65. that subsidy expires tomorrow. >>> hundreds of thousands of revelers will brave the bitter, subsqueezie i subfreezing cold weather to ring in the new year's. alina cho is there. good morning. what's it like around you there? >> well, sanjay, as you know, we last talked about an hour ago. since then, the sun has come up as you can see behind me, and i can tell you with 100% certainty, that the weather has not improved one bit. it is still 30 degrees outside. feels like 25, so the number one tip if you are coming to times square tonight is dress warmly. take a look at my shoulder behind me, my left shoulder, you can see people already lining up, they are in for a
FOX News
Dec 23, 2012 12:00am PST
advocates pressured hillary clinton. joining us is hilary rose. an irish citizen nevy brown delair woman of love institute. it is so good to have you hered today. ireland is a catholic prolife country and why is this drawing so much attention for those who advocate for abortion. >> first thing we need to say . it was a tragic case. i am a mother of four young girls . everybody hate to hear about maternal death. we feel so sad for the mother and baby. but in ireland those deaths are rare. in the unitedination we are the most safe place . so this death caused a huge amount of incision . there was a hysteria about what happened had nothing to do with abortion at all. it was broken in the most senizationalist it went all over the world. woman denoticed termination dies in the hospital . it is said to the world that ireland stapped said accused of letting her die. that's not the facts. the facts show and emerge and tell a totally different story. irish medical experts came forward and explained that in ireland where abortion is illegal. doctors are always fro to intervene to save the motherac
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
, go to >>> let's bring back our panel. jeff, that tribute video hillary clinton and i know we're going to get hilary 2016 stories. they with will churn out as soon as the president names whoever he names to replace her. she seemed almost energized by it. >> how could she not. this is the celebration of her long life. not an easy one her public life. she's ending at a high point here. 2013 is going to be filled for, at least people in our business a lot of chatter about what she's going to do or not going to do. i believe she doesn't know. let her take a break. >> that i buy. yes people around her will put together the operation. >> just watching that it reminds you with john mccain on tape like that, it is really -- she would be a powerful force. >> it's a reminder that we might get clinton-bush the sequel. at the end of the day, right? who else do the republicans have? who would make a better transitional leader from 20th century. the guy who is married to a mexican-american. >> i'm an enormous fan of jeb bush. i think he would be fantastic. his son george p. is exploring
Dec 3, 2012 8:00am PST
in the chicago times hillary clinton preferring john kerry. hilary is not close to rice who is tough but not the friendliest person. hilary's brief comment recently that rice had done a great job was considered underwhelming and tepid. if that's true, jimmy, how does john kerry compare to her personality? >> i think what you're seeing here, this has virtually nothing to do with the next secretary of state. and to think that we just finished the elections tomorrow, be four weeks ago. this has everything to do with hillary clinton purportedly running for president in 2016. john kerry, whether he's nominated or not sir relevant and people are saying you got staffers up on the hill saying kerry seat would be in danger. please understand barack obama won massachusetts by almost 25 points. it's not like that seat would be in danger, frankly. so this has everything to do with -- this has nothing to do with susan rice. she's qualified. this is all about hillary clinton and whether or not she runs for president in 2016. remember, you've got hillary clinton sitting at 70% of approval rating. y
Dec 21, 2012 8:00pm EST
in this whole transformation has been our outstanding secretary of state, my friend, secretary hillary clinton. hilary wanted very much to be here today but she continues to recooperate. i had a chance to talk to her earlier today and she is in good spirits and could not be more excited about the announcement i'm making. over the last four years she has been everywhere in terms of her travels and she has represented america in more countries than any other secretary of state. she is looking forward getting back to work and i am looking forward to paying tribute to her service in the days to come. today, i'm looking ahead to my second term. i'm proud toll announce my choice for america's next secretary of state, john kerry. john's entire life has prepared him for this role. he has a deep respect for the men and women of the state department. for the role i they play in advancing our values and the risk they undertake and the sacrifices they make along with their families. having served in vietnam, he understands that we have a responsibility to use america power wisely, especially our military
Dec 27, 2012 10:00am EST
clinton and hilary as secretary of state do not like me very much. i was chair of the government oversight committee during the time we were investigating whitewater and we were investigating campaign contributions that came from sources outside the united states and from various people. there was an awful lot to that. we had people testifying like johnny chung, they had contributed money to gain favor with the white house. there were other illegal contributions that we found. and they came into the kitchen at hong kong and said we wonder -- we like your president and we want to contribute to his campaign. the man who said that was the equivalent of the cia. these were people who were under oath and swore to this and we also had over 100 people take the fifth amendment or flee the country. there was a lot there. that is not to say that president clinton did not do some good things. he worked with newt gingrich and we got out from under some difficult financial problems but i do believe and i still believe there was some illegal activities that took place and we were unable to get the job d
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
. >> stephanie: oh anyway she -- secretary of state hillary clinton making her third appearance. bill wants hilary to run, but she is not so sure. >> you know who the number one most fascinating person is? >> stephanie: who? >> david petraeus. he refused to been interview -- >> stephanie: you know who else? chris christie. [ drum booming ] >> oh. >> stephanie: he said he is more than a little overweight but fit enough to be in the white house. some people say he is too heavy to be president. he said that is ridiculous. i don't know what the basis is for that. >> well, there was grover cleveland. >> he could use the taft bathtub. >> stephanie: right. he -- walter started the discussion by telling christie that he was a little overweight. he said more than a little. he said if i could fix it i would. maybe stop eating so much -- [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> if you look at him and obama there is no way he could get that big. you can control it through diet and exercise but only to a certain exsent. >> stephanie: the governor asked about his weight and he said he has develop
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
of that tenure? >> i think bill clinton, president clinton and secretary as secretary -- hilary as secretary of state do not like me very much. i was chair of the government oversight committee during the time we were investigating whitewater and we were investigating campaign contributions that came from sources outside the united states and from various people. there was an awful lot to that. we had people testifying like ohnny chonung, they had contributed money to gain favor with the white house. and they came into the kitchen at hong kong and said we wonder -- we like your president and we want to contribute to his campaign. the man who said that was the equivalent of the cia. these were people who were under oath and swore to this and we also had over 100 people take the fifth amendment or flee the country. there was a lot there. that is not to say that president clinton did not do some good things. he worked with newt gingrich and we got out from under some difficult financial problems but i do believe and i still believe there was some illegal activities that took place and we were u
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am EST
committee and use that to raise the number of investigations especially of the clinton administration. what do you see as your legacy of that tenure? >> i think bill clinton, president clinton and secretary as secretary -- hilary as secretary of state do not like me very much. i was chair of the government oversight committee during the time we were investigating whitewater and we were investigating campaign contributions that came from sources outside the united states and from various people. there was an awful lot to that. we had people testifying like johnny chung, they had contributed money to gain favor with the white house. and they came into the kitchen at hong kong and said we wonder -- we like your president and we want to contribute to his campaign. the man who said that was the equivalent of the cia. these were people who were under oath and swore to this and we also had over 100 people take the fifth amendment or flee the country. there was a lot there. that is not to say that president clinton did not do some good things. he worked with newt gingrich and we got out from under
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm EST
spending, killed hilary care and alan greenspan had a sensible monetary policy, the economy started to recover and then clinton got the religion, he cut capital gains. >> steve is giving your man all these kudos and you're not taking them. >> two things first, larry, didn't president reagan raise the capital gains tax rate? >> in a tax reform plan he did. >> exactly. that's my point. was that class warfare when he did that? was that class warfare when he did that. >> revenues went down. >> the question, though, was that class warfare? i don't think you would call that class warfare. it's funny times have changed. >> we cut the top freight 50 to 28%. >> and george h.w. bush brought it back up again because he lost so much revenue. >> that's the great part about history you read what you want to read. thank you gentlemen very much. up next on kudlow, president obama issues a war ultimatum to syria. if they dare use chemical weapons and my question where did syria get those wmds. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
. michelle obama versus bill clinton in the spoken word category -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> i think michelle obama will take bill clinton. >> stephanie: i am so enjoying a bill clinton corkscrew. i do not have the hilary nutcracker yet. conservative actor steven bald win arrested for failing to file three year's of tax returns. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> uh-huh. he is one of those fake christian guys. >> stephanie: he is accused of owing more than $350,000 to the state of new york. >> wow. maybe we can bad mouth bono some more. >> stephanie: everybody hold your jokes. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: john travolta collects hot chocolate. he collects various kinds of hot coco from around the world. he said it represents winter wonderland and christmas. he went on to explain how people should handle hot coco. he said never blow on it. never ever blow it changes the quality of the chocolate. >> that's the gayest thing i have ever heard. >> if you have a gay sex scandal with three different masseurs. don't have an album cover to handle yo
Dec 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
on who he wants as secretary of state. >> president clinton has told me on several occasions, mary and hilary, his greatest regret as far as being a president on a policy issue is that he failed to do anything as far as rwanda and the generocide that goes on. >> he blames himself. >> he knew what was going on. he made that decision not to intervene and 800,000 or so people were slaughtered as a result of that. i went with him to those countries in 1998. susan rice was with me on that trip as well as assistant secretary for african affairs. he blames himself. >> to retroactively turn that on susan rice is ridiculous. >> that's a former situation that obviously the former president of the united states knows very, very well. piers morgan will have the full interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. i think you're going to want to watch this important interview. piers is going to join us in our 6:00 p.m. eastern hour as well. >>> both egyptians that despise the government are venting on the streets. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
a few more times. >> reporter: until clinton decides her future, it's widely believed she freezes a potential democratic field that could include vice president joe biden, democratic strategist hilary rosen has her own prediction. >> i think she's going to run for president, but we're wasting our time speculating about it, she marches to her own drummer, she's not going to be rushed. >> have you talked to her at all about this, do you know if she's talked to political advisers about this? >> i have talked to her about it, and i've been shut down. >> reporter: clinton would have company. >> do you know any good diners in new hampshire or iowa. >> i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignored. >> reporter: all kidding aside, paul ryan and marco rubio already appear to be hitting on themes that seem to distance themselves from mitt romney's toxic comments on people who receive government assistance. >> both parties tend to divide americans into our voters and their voters. let's be really clear. republicans must steer far clear of that trap. >> i've heard it sugg
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